Who are we?...

Welcome to Discovery Timber Play! It is important to know who we are before you even consider trusting us with children's safety.

We are a privately owned company founded in 2013 by James Marling and Ali prockter. Both had previously been working in the industry since 2004 gaining considerable experience from designing, and manufacturing to ultimately installing play equipment. They always felt that they were capable of delivering a better product - in design, quality, longevity and ultimately safety.

In the early days of Discovery, James and Ali focused on Commercial projects such as Schools, Pubs and Parks, both designing the areas and carrying out the work themselves, travelling all over the country. When Covid came along in 2020 a lot of the Commercial work had dried up as Pubs/Schools etc had to close their doors. By this time, James and Ali had started designing a really robust range of Play Equipment.

They started to focus their attention towards the Residential market as more and more people were at home with their children. Instead of just chucking their child an Ipad or computer controller a lot of parents were keen to get their children playing outdoors within the safety of their back gardens.

Instead of building a cheaper Residential range with thinner materials etc, James and Ali offered the same Commercial product with a few tweaks to make it more exciting.

Fastfoward to where we are today, in early 2023 Ali left the company to fulfil a dream of becoming an architect. James now runs the company with the help of a great team of guys in the office, workshop and out on the road. We are a really friendly team and will go above and beyond to make your play dreams a reality.

James with his daughter Grace 2015

Operating in Gloucestershire...

Situated in the Beautiful Cotswolds we have rapidly expanded from a small workshop. The small workshop was no larger than a garage. We then moved to a very well-equipped factory. Capable of manufacturing every element of wooden play equipment, large and small contracts alike. We are always striving to improve our offering in both the commercial and domestic marketplace. Our passion is for wood and stainless steel. The best possible quality and choice of materials to blend in harmoniously with the projects surroundings. The next inspirational elements are design and innovation. The many ways our products can inspire and help to improve our users lives such as social skills. Also; imagination, creativity, sense of connection, health, fitness, stimulation, education, problem solving, enhancing inclusion, especially for people with disabilities. Our aim is to be the best at what we do. Always striving to be better in every element of our industry.  An example can be seen in our guarantee. Not only do we offer a fully comprehensive 15 year guarantee but we also guarantee that no product part. Regardless of age, it will never be made obsolete so we build for generations. Hopefully that has answered the question of who we are, for more information please get in touch.  

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