What we do...

We pride ourselves on what we do and on a clear, detailed and understandable process from first meet to the completion of the works. This is all the more essential when producing a bespoke product and service to eliminate any “grey” areas in the commercial sector.

Meet and brief...

We are able to provide a free, no obligation meet and brief, usually at the site, where we can survey, take photos/dimensions and discuss your requirements/budgets. Allowing us to get the feel of your project and advise on how to achieve your goals. We can also discuss any safety concerns you have and advise you on the options available.

what we do First Meet and Greet - Discovery Timber Play
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Planning and design...

Our complementary design service will reflect the discussions and brief. We will also provide a fully detailed project spec with scaled illustration, examples and a full itemised costing. We will also provide this service for our bespoke domestic customers. If one of our standard offerings does not fully meet with your requirements.

Order process...

Once the design and spec have been “caressed” and refined to totally reflect your requirements we take a small deposit to initiate the production process.

what we do Order Process - Discovery Timber Play
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All wooden elements of any project are built in our workshop. All bespoke built especially for your project and to the appropriate specification. Using only the best materials as described in the product section. Only a manufacturer can do this.


Performed by our own installation teams, we have total control over the project and are not in a position to be let down by sub contractors. Safety is paramount when working on site whether commercial or domestic and is something we take to a new level to ensure the process is seemless and safe.

what we do Site Installation - Discovery Timber Play
Play Towers for Schools Discovery Timber Play


Although guaranteed for 15 years, maintenance of your investment is very important and can be quite often forgotten, especially with commercial projects. We can provide an annual inspection and report for all elements of the product and installation. 

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