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Play Towers and Monkey Bars

We manufacture our play towers for parks, pubs, schools and nurseries.  Designed to have multiple children on them at one time, they are extremely robust.  The posts are concreted in to a depth of 300mm as are the majority of the other accessories, such as; Slides, Fire Poles, Scramble Nets, Monkey Bars, Ladders etc.  Our  commercial towers have a footprint of approx. 1.7m square and our standard platform height is 1.5m.  We can also offer towers with a 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.1m platform.  Also available is our Toddler Tower which has a slightly smaller footprint of 1.5m and has a deck height of 600mm.  Our Towers are not designed to be water tight, there are natural gaps in the timbers to allow the timber to swell in the wetter months and contract/shrink during the summer.  Above all, these Towers are fully compliant with EN1176 (the current playground standard).  The result; Safe play for everyone!



First of all, our towers are made out of class 4 pressure treated, Norwegian Pine. All of the profiles we use are smooth and rounded cornered to 3mm to eliminate the possibility of splinters. Because of this, the timbers are also incredibly tactile.  Furthermore, these timbers are machined and treated locally.  The dimensions of our standard profiles are;


We only use stainless steel fixings. This is because stainless steel is tough, durable and doesn’t rust. In contrast, we are aware of many manufacturers who use galvanized fixings.  Overall, we like to hide our fixings where possible either via strategic placement or under a 25mm black plastic caps, therefore the finished product looks clean and tidy.  Standard fixings are;

*Posts – 95mm x 95mm

*Frames – 145mm x 45mm

*Flooring – 19mm tgv

*Panels/roofs – 135mm x 27mm

*Handrails – 95mm x 45mm

*Pales – 75mm x 45mm

Play Ship Manufacture

*8 x 70mm coach screw

*8 x 20mm washer

*5 x 50mm screws

*6 x 60mm screws

*6 x 70mm screws

*all stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Screws

What accessories can I add..

There are a wide range of different accessories available which can attach to our towers including slides (stainless/hdpe), nets, crawl tunnels, firepoles, rockwalls, ramps, ladders, activity panels.  Towers can also be linked with either a fixed or a clatter bridge. Generally linked towers have the same size platform, this means the bridge will be level. They can be linked to different heights via a sloped bridge. 

Commercial Slide

Scramble Net

Traversing Wall

The commercial HDPE Slide is our most popular choice of slides.  It’s available in 4 colours; Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.  It is available to platform/deck heights of  0.6m to 1.5m.  Top and bottom both fixed securely.

Our commercial scramble net is robust and strong enough to take several children at once.  It is available in a choice of colours; Beige, Blue, Red and Green. It is available to platform heights of 0.6m to 2.1m.

This is the component that makes us different to the rest, a huge 2.3m long Traversing Wall which doubles up as a walkway between 2 towers.  We use heavy duty poly resin climbing holds, available in Blue, Green and Red.

Monkey Bars

Ladder Ramp

Fire Pole

The Monkey Bar attachment is new accessory for 2019 and has been a real hit.  The user is encouraged to scale across from the platform to the other side.  Stainless Steel rungs are used and it’s best used from a 1.5m platform height.

This Ladder Ramp is ideal for the less confident users and gives them an easier route to the towers.  Due to this, it can be manufactured at any angle and for any platform height.  Additional timbers are added to improve grip.

This Fire Pole is made from strong, stainless steel tubing to a size that suits you.  Can be fixed at any exit point of a standard tower and fixed firmly at the top and concreted at the base.

Below is the full selection of the types of towers we can produce, (click on an image to enlarge) 

Toddler Tower​

Single Tower​

Tower & Traverse Wall

Double Towers & Traverse Wall

Double Towers

Triple Towers

Because each tower is built to order, you have the choice of where entrances/exits go, how high you want the platform, which way you want the roof to face.  There are so many variations that no 2 play sets are the same!  Therefore, you can be sure you’re getting something new, unique, and exciting when you order.

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