Gazebos and Shelters

Discovery don’t just offer playground equipment.  We also offer a wide range of gazebos and shelters.  Everything that gets produced is tailored to suit your requirements.  You can add integrated seating, chalkboards, notice boards, different types of roofing materials, almost any shape or size can be built.  New for 2020, we have the 4m x 3m Outdoor Classroom.  A fully kitted out classroom complete with carpet flooring, internal walls, lighting and sockets.  

Framework for Gazebo
Gazebo Drawing 2
Outdoor Gazebo with shingles Discovery Timber Play

Working Design...

Rendered Image...


How do we make them?

First of all, our outdoor buildings/classrooms are built from sustainable, pressure treated timbers (as is our play equipment)  This means that you can be sure that we are using the best timbers available.  We use chunky, 6/2 timbers for our head plates and rafters, therefore you can be confident that this is built to last..  The posts are 150mm rounded, radiata and cemented in 500mm.  All paneling is made from 25mm TGV with rounded corner 4/2 rails.

Framework of Outdoor Classroom
Framework of Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classrooms

Discovery are frequently asked if we can produce an outdoor classroom for schools.  The Gazebo is a great option for large groups of children/adults but it is still, an outside building.  The Discovery Classroom offers a 100% watertight building that can be fully kitted out.  Choose from the colour of the carpet tiles, to the position of the plug sockets.  The example below is a Music Room for a primary school.  It gives the aspiring drummers a space to practice their skills!

Music Room 1
Foxmoor Music Room 1

This Outdoor Classroom measures an impressive 4.2m x 3.1m.  Built from our class 4, pressure treated timbers, 25mm TGV cladding and a single piece, EPDM roof.  The doors and windows can be positioned on any side.  Every inquiry will receive a detailed plan (as above) with dimensions and full itemised costings, completely free of charge.  Why not get in touch and find out more?


Sometimes it’s hard to find the space for a stand alone outdoor building.  Discovery build bespoke canopies that can be designed and fitted to your existing building.  It greatly increases the learning space by giving the teachers an additional zone.  We’ve been lucky enough to build a few of these in the past and every one of them has been different.  We can add half panels, full panels, chalkboards, gates, storage, different roofing options.  Because of this the options are limitless!

Canopy Design

All of our canopy frames are made from our standard, treated 4/2 timbers with 4×4 posts.  These can be fitted to almost any building/wall.  We fix the main head plate then use our 4×4 posts to keep the frame in place.  We use high quality, aluminium fixing bars and poly carbonate sheeting for the roof and is available in either brown or white.

Outdoor Canopy 5
Outdoor Canopy 3

If you can’t see something that suits, why not get in touch and take advantage of our free quotation service 

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