The indoors, outdoors...

Fully equipped, Outdoor Classrooms

New for 2020, Discovery are expanding into the world of fully weather proof, lined, cladded and kitted out, outdoor classrooms.  Space is always a premium at schools so what better way to expand the learning environment with one of our beautiful classrooms

The Music Room

Built for a local Primary School in Gloucestershire.  This was one of our first models.  The headteacher was a keen drummer and needed some additional space for music lessons.  This building was insulated, fitted with lights and even heating.  This meant the pupils could play to their hearts content, all year round.

Inside of Music Room Discovery Timber Play Ltd

The inside...

Fully insulated, painted walls and ceiling.  With a strong, sturdy floor which is also insulated and carpeted.  This model included 3 x LED Strip lights which means they are cheap to run, 4 x double wall sockets and lockable doors.  Various colour carpet tiles available, same with the paint work.  Enquire today to see if we can help you!


The buildings are all made from our playground standard, class 4 pressure treated timbers.  External walls are clad with our 25mm TGV, roof is a 1 Sheet, EPDM, meaning there will be no leaks!  Internal walls are lined with 12mm moisture resistant MDF.  Lights and heating can also be added, along with 4 x wall sockets in your desired location.

Music Room 1
Building Spec Discovery Timber Play Ltd

How it's made...

There’s more to it than just building 4 walls and putting on a roof!  The picture to the left illustrates the stages of who we construct the building.  5 x layers to ensure strength, rigidity and weather resistant.  MDF, Framework, Insulation, Water Proofer and TGV cladding.

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