Bespoke Play Equipment

Sometimes there just isn’t the product out there that suits.  Discovery offer bespoke play equipment.  We’ve worked on many projects where we have worked closely with the client to design and build something bespoke.  We are confident in our ability to design something that not only serves it purpose but is compliant with current regulations.  It means you can be sure that we have thought of everything in advance.  Our team of designers love to create something different, so why not get in touch.

Bespoke Water Play
Bespoke Play Towers

Water Play Station

Bespoke Towers

Campsborne School in London called us to say their existing water table and pump had stopped working, we installed a new pump and pipe work and got this running in time for the kids to return from the summer break. We built a box system around it to aid the user and also some bonded rubber mulch.

Rodmarton Primary School in Gloucestershire had some old play towers that they wanted replacing.  We tried our best to match what was there and added a perimeter fence with artificial grass to complete the look.

Timber Play Ship

Bespoke Tower

Invicta Primary School, Deptford introduced to us to a small area off their playground that offered little/no play value.  Being so close to the Thames we opted for bespoke play equipment, so we built them this Play Ship, with large cargo net, ramp access and den space.

A client asked us to come up with a solution to their grass mound which offered very little. We built this custom tower with rockwall.

Bespoke Ship Small 1
Bespoke Decked Area
Bespoke Bus
Bespoke Puppet Theatre

Bark Pit

Decked Area

Play Bus

Puppet Theatre

Longney Primary School wanted a themed bark pit, and this is exactly what they got! The Ship came with 2 decks (front and back) and we filled the inside with bark.

Brandhall Primary School, nr Dudley wanted a reading area on this slope, we came up with this solution and finished it off with a nice strip of bonded rubber mulch.

Uplands Playgroup, Stroud required a new Play Bus for their play area.  Built from timber and recycled plastic it had enough room for 5 passengers and the driver!

This nursery in Swindon, asked us to make them a puppet theatre whilst we installing some outdoor play equipment and we gladly obliged!

Feel free to get in touch to talk about bespoke play equipment by using our contacts page

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